Monday, April 27, 2009

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Unknown said...

Triangle Manufacturing pairs creative engineering, technical know-how and advanced automation to produce high-quality, economically-priced bearings, motor mounts, linkages, oil cups, shaft collars, lazy susan bearings and specialty products.

Around the globe, customers in automotive, cabinetry, display, hardware, HVAC, manufacturing, and solar markets turn to Triangle for economically priced, high-quality products.

Family owned since 1922.

P (920) 235-3710
F (920) 235-4523

Unknown said...

Proto Technologies Inc.

22808 E Appleway
Liberty Lake, WA 99019

- Rapid printing
- Prototyping
- 3d Printing
- Stereolithography
- Selective Laser Sintering
- CNC Mill/Lathe (4th axis)
- Machining
- Molds
- Models
- Quickcast patterns
- Investment castings
- Injection molding
- Waterjet cutting
- Women owned business
- Small business

We do work in all industries – automotive, manufacturing, machining, medical, prototyping, industrial design, aerospace, assembly, cutting, dies, fittings, fixturing, powder coating, finishing, tooling, welding, energy, etc.

Great River Machine Works said...
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Unknown said...

Wow this will help me a ton with the cost of bearing and transmission calgary thanks so much.

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Lusye Parker said...

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